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  • GRP in the front, roof, rear and underbody effectively protects your LMC caravan against adverse weather such as hail and storms. In LMC motorhomes, GRP protects the roof and underbody, while our Tourer and Tourer Lift benefit from all-round GRP protection.

  • Twelve years’ protection against moisture penetration thanks to our water ingress warranty. Provided the vehicle is serviced annually by an LMC contractual partner (service charges apply).

  • The semi-trailing link axle fitted to LMC caravans ensure safety and driving stability. Braking values are well above the statutory minimum and LMC caravans have special coupling systems featuring safety and wear indicators.

  • The caravan anti-skid system, similar to ESP on cars, permanently controls the driving characteristics of LMC caravans. In situations that may cause a caravan to roll, lateral acceleration sensors detect even the slightest lateral movements and stop it from swerving.

    The flat ride height of our LMC motorhomes encourages safe driving. Our drop-down bed layouts are also flat.

    The ESP system in LMC motorhomes and the LMC camper van also guarantees maximum driving safety. The targeted automatic braking of individual wheels stops the vehicle from both over and understeering.

  • Total visibility, thanks to the standard integrated reversing camera that uses a wide-angle display to show you what is happening behind your LMC vehicle.

  • In LMC caravans, gas canisters are securely stored while on the road in a non-slip rear box lined with aluminium checker plate. This metal floor means that the gas canister box can reliably and robustly hold a 40 kg load.

  • In LMC motorhomes, the fresh and waste water tanks are positioned between the chassis rails, thereby helping to optimally distribute the weight, thanks to the low centre of gravity, and reducing the overall vehicle height.

  • Heavy-duty props help LMC caravans to maintain a balanced position. An extended crank handle makes them more accessible.

  • The double-lock door provides maximum protection for your LMC caravan.

  • The central locking on our LMC motorhomes and LMC camper van provides additional security when travelling – and the driver’s door can be individually selected and opened.

  • The standard rear-ventilated furniture provides excellent ventilation that prevents the build-up of mould and extends the life of your LMC.

  • LMC installs a standard smoke alarm that will instantly alert you in an emergency.

  • The kitchen drawers in your LMC vehicle are fitted with gas vents that provide sufficient ventilation and thus fresh air.

  • The standard bed guard stops children from falling out of bed while asleep.

  • The bunk beds in our LMC caravans have a weight capacity of up to 80 kg and the adult drop-down beds of up to 200 kg.

  • Our rubber bungees ensure that your utensils stay firmly in place during your journey.

  • LMC’s rear garages are fitted with lights making them easy to use even in the dark.

  • Insulated, heated water tanks make LMC motorhomes and our LMC camper van perfect for winter.

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